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prediction of the amount of tennis rackets e-commerce deliveries for the 2019

The Italian company Yellow Ball SpA manage an e-commerce of articles for tennis players. All products sold are shipped via the same parcel courier that almost daily passes to the company warehouse to collect envelopes and boxes, unless the company… Continue Reading →

analysis of BiciMAD trips

In the previous article I have analyzed the location and characteristics of the BiciMAD stations, now it is now time to continue the analysis to understand where users are going and what are the most popular routes, clustering on their… Continue Reading →

let’s analyze e-bike sharing stations of Madrid

BiciMAD is the e-bike sharing service of the Spanish Capital, started in 2014, and managed by the Municipal company of Madrid from May 2016. The purpose of this analysis is to understand how many stations are part of the network,… Continue Reading →

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